Exciting Pesto

Why am I so excited about this pesto? This is a perfect opportunity to make something magically nutritious. It is super easy to make and…

Steak with succulent greens

This is a very sexy dish. For me, the secre to a perfect steak is the juices. It has to be moist with flavour from…











Overcoming phobias is exhilarating, especially if it allows you to experience the richness of life. After doing kinesiology work to overcome her phobia of heights,…



Raw Fermented Currant Cordial

This absolute gem is was created by pure chance. I was actually brewing something a bit stronger. At the end of the stage one of the red currant brew and before it turned alcoholic, I recovered how it was simply irresistable as a refreshing drink mixed with a bit of water. My kind adore it so I had no choice but to store it in the fridge to prevent it from turning alcoholic. I will have to wait for blackberries, plums, apples and pears to make an adult drink 🙂

Lacto Fermented Jerusalem Artichokes

Cottage Cheese and Banana Baby food

Raw Cottage Cheese

This cottage cheese does not require the milk to be heated up so you keep all the enzymes and good bacteria from the raw milk.


What to do with my green juice left overs

Does your heart skip a beat when you throw away the pulp that you get after juicing? Mine did….. until ….. Eureka! Add it to…

Super Charged Green Juice

Beef Stew in a Slow Cooker

Swiss Chard and Pepper Kidneys in a Skillet

Pork Chowder

Simple Brussel Sprouts and Olives

Thai (ish) Fish Soup

Kidneys with Red Cabbage

Sea Vegetable and Cabbage Kidneys with a Zing

Green Super Soup

Butternut Squash and Broccoli Soup

Frittata with pork belly, leek and courgette

Liver Flush

2 Table spoons of organic olive oil Juice of 1 lemon 1 garlic clove crushed 1 tea spoon of cayenne pepper S mall chunk of…

Curly Mediterranean Linguini

  Supper quick and yummy recipe for those who want to try something healthy and full of raw enzymes, vitamins and minerals! Ingredients: 2 courgettes…

Energetix- ReHydration

Cellular Communication is the Key to Hydration! Product Description: Among the many nutritional needs of the body, water is considered the most important. It not…

VIDEO: The Story of Cosmetics

VIDEO: 6 Month Detox Day 53

VIDEO: Mercola’s breakfast!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Its the easiest way to give your body the best nutrition for the whole day. Traditional breakfast…

Using Health Kinesiology for Eczema: Article in Woman’s Weekly

I found an article that talks about how Health Kinesiology can help with eczema in Woman’s Weekly Wellbeing: Eczema. “Every week we team up with…

Dialogue With Your Body

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ask your body what it needs to be healed and get an answer back? “That…

VIDEO: Day 25 of My Raw 6 Month Detox

This video show you how powerful nutrition can be for progressing not only on the physical but also on the emotional and spiritual levels.

VIDEO: Day 8 of My 6 Month Raw Food Detox

VIDEO: Day 3 of My 6 Month Raw Detox

VIDEO: Day Before My 6 Month Raw Detox

This video was filmed pretty much minutes after I made a decision to do a 6 month mostly raw detox. I am a great believer…

Healing Crisis

Are you are one of those people who has at some point decided to make a change to your life that you knew was good…