Dialogue With Your Body

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ask your body what it needs to be healed and get an answer back? “That would be pretty cool”, I thought. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon aholistic approach called Health Kinesiology (HK) that does exactly that!

With our busy lifestyles and all the information that we are constantly bombarded with, its no wonder that we lose touch with what our bodies actually need. We use mobile phones, eat rubbish food, slap creams full of toxic ingredients on our skin and get stuck in the patterns of negative thinking totally clueless that our bodies are crying out for help. They are trying to tell us that we are putting them under a huge amount of stress, yet, we don’t listen.

All these emotional and physical stresses cause energy blockages in our bodies. Energy blockages? What are those? We are not made up of just flesh and bones. There’s energy that runs through energy channels called meridians through the body. It’s a bit like human electricity that is life force we depend on for our physical and emotional health. When the flow of this energy is blocked we get ill and emotionally unstable. In other words, our bodies get broken and can no longer cope with all the stress in life.

Many complementary therapists work with this energy and by shifting blockages bring the body system back into balance. When the energy is flowing as it should do and our bodies work like clockwork then no matter what life throws at us, we are strong and resilient, happy and energised. On the emotional level his means, recovering from break ups quickly, picking yourself up and moving forward after getting a sack, handling disagreements in a more efficient, calm and controlled manner and letting go of anger, fears, grief, lack of self esteem, anxiety and other negative emotions. On the physical level it means, recovering from injuries much quicker and having a stronger immune system thus not catching any flues or viruses floating around. Our bodies are remarkable and when they function well they have an extraordinary ability to heal quickly from both physical and emotional trauma.

Health Kinesiology is different from other complementary therapies in that it can ask the body exactly what it needs to be healed. How does it do it? What you get is a series of yes/ no answers that allow the practitioner to determine what procedure is ideal for the client. It may involve thinking a precise thought, holding pressure points, touch, using magnets, crystals, essences, homeopathic remedies, and so on. In this process body’s own healing ability is promoted. The results are remarkable as you can get right to the crux of what the problem is in the fist session. No more need to “peel theonion” layer by layer trying to identify the cause of the psychological or physiological distress. With Health Kinesiology you can get straight to the core.

Health Kinesiology has been very effective in helping people with all sorts of complaints ranging from allergies, bowel problems to depression and post traumatic stress. Today I will give you an account from a client who wanted some emotional help. Here’s what Steve said: “In twelve years of working on my self I thought I had come as far as I could in dealing with the trauma and hurt in my life and true enough, there have been significant and positive changes for the better. However, I was caught in a never ending cycle of low self-esteem, anger and lack of trust that inevitably resulted in a lifetime of troublesome relationships; in business, with friends, family and with partners. In the space of a few months and a surprisingly low number of health kinesiology sessions, my life has changed so much. So many trapped hurts and painful experiences have been released, even those that happened when I was a baby that could never have been verbalised and addressed in a ‘talking cure’. I have been blessed with a new lease of life with the strength to face all these issues head on. I am still on this journey but feel as though some huge barriers have been broken down and have started dealing with things in ways I never thought I could. These words only reflect a tiny portion of what I’m experiencing. I can’t thank Oksana enough. Just wonderful.”

Finding an alternative therapy that you resonate with is like giving yourself a present. Its a chance to heal, reinvent yourself, release the baggage of the past, take control of the life and discover the joy of being.

Get in touch to see if Health Kinesiology can make it happen for you.

Oksana Roberts

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