Energy Work

Improve Your Life

Fast paced, competitive and stress ridden lives do take a toll on our health. Stress can be emotional, nutritional, chemical, structural, electromagnetic and so on. These reek havoc with your body. You would not drive a car if you saw alarms warning you that there’s a fault. You would take it to the mechanic and maintain the running of the car by regularly servicing it. Why should we treat ourselves any different?

Time for your body’s MOT?

Alternative Therapies like Health Kinesiology will bring you back to the balanced state and will help you cope with stresses that life throws at you.

Everything is vibration, everything is energy. Our thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and cells in the body have a vibrational frequency. The Universal Law of Resonance states that the same frequencies attract the corresponding types of particles because of their electromagnetic field. Depending on the vibrational frequency that we emit, the corresponding positive and negative effects are reflected in our well being.

Alternative Therapies like Health Kinesiology are truly holistic and addresses all types of imbalances. In this way it can replace out the frequencies of energy blockage by balanced and harmonious vibrations.

Bringing Clients to a Sustained State of Balance

I would like to use the analogy of a car. Imagine that a complete novice starts driving a car without any prior knowledge of how to stay safe on the road and to avoid unnecessary accidents, parts failure and premature wear and tear. Fantastic as it sounds, ramifications are clear. Without proper understanding of how to look after the car our unfortunate car owner will find themselves puttering along to the mechanic rather frequently.

Alternatively, one can get educated on how to look after their vehicle, how to keep it well maintained and how to understand the basic principles behind how their car functions by transforming them from helpless consumers to informed DIY experts. This might not be the best business idea though it dovetails with the ethos.

Bringing clients to a SUSTAINED state of Balance

Client Specific Approach

Everyone is unique and no two sessions are the same. Even if two people will come to HK for the same concern, the approach will be different addressing specific energy blockages. As the relationship between the client and the practitioner progresses so does the understanding about what specific approaches should be utilised. The client may be advised to address their nutrition or make changes in their lifestyle. Bio-Energetic reactions to substances can come up that will be identified. On top of that, the practitioner might find that the client’s integral energy field is overly sensitive to the surrounding electromagnetic fields in the environment. Energy balancing work can be carried out so that these electromagnetic currents no longer disturb the normal BioEnergetic currents in the body.

Furthermore, throughout the sessions the underlying emotional blockages are discovered. Unfortunately it is very hard to let go of anger, grief, jealousy, fears using willpower alone. Not only that, we very rarely are in touch with our emotions and have developed a regiment of defence mechanisms to keep them at bay. The purpose of using help of alternative therapies such as Health Kinesiology is to go deeper levels of consciousness and fish out the gremlins in a safe and supportive environment.

The techniques I use are very gentle and allow me to speak directly to the higher wisdom of the client. We all have a higher level of intelligence that knows exactly where the energy is unbalanced and exactly what needs to be done to improve our overall well being. By tapping into that intelligence using the method of energy testing (also known as muscle testing) the client specific healing approach can leave client feel so much better.

Vibrational Medicine Approach

A lot of the work carried out during the sessions happens on the energy level. This is the habitat of the vital life force called chi or prana. Tracing meridians, holding pressure points, working with aura and chakras is all energy work used in alternative therapies such as Health Kinesiology.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies offered are very gentle and respectful of client’s needs and the process is deeply self-empowering. It helps the clients feel happier, brighter and more fulfilled on every level of their lives. I also offer advise on Nutrition as I see it as an integral part of being a healthy person. To book an appointment or for an informal consultation please visit my Contact page.