Psychic Psychologist

What is Psychic Psychology

Psychic Psychology is where academic training as a psychologist meets a gift of intuition. A Psychic psychologist can pick up on what you want to say, but might find it difficult to vocalise. With Oksana, you feel understood, because she can sense what is going on beneath the surface. You will talk and then, she will guide you through the process gently, helping to release any traumas of the past. Processing emotional upheaval, which can be stirred through conversation is very important. Opening a can of worms without “tipping it out” can leave you feeling discombobulated and out of balance. On the contrary, using a variety of energy tools to resolve and release the issues talked about during the session, will leave you feeling lighter and able to move on.

Sometimes, it is too difficult to talk. When working with animals and with little children, talking is not even an option. In these instances, psychic ability to connect and initiate the healing process on the non-verbal level can be one of the best ways to move forward.

Throughout the sessions, the underlying emotional blockages are discovered. Unfortunately it is very hard to let go of anger, grief, jealousy and fears using willpower alone. Not only that, we very rarely are in touch with our emotions and have developed a regiment of defence mechanisms to keep them at bay. The purpose of using help of a psychic psychologist is to go to deeper levels of consciousness and fish out the gremlins in a safe and supportive environment.

Using kinesiology energy testing technique (also known as muscle testing) as well as her intuition, allows Oksana to speak directly to the higher wisdom of the client. We all have a higher level of intelligence that knows exactly where the energy is unbalanced and exactly what needs to be done to improve our overall well being. By tapping into that intelligence, client specific healing approach, can leave you feeling so much better.

Vibrational Medicine Approach

A lot of the work carried out during the sessions happens on the energy level. This is the habitat of the vital life force called chi or prana.

Through talking or by tuning in intuitively, we identify where the energy blockages are. Vital energy runs through the energy chanels in our bodies, similarly to blood running through veins and capillaries. Having blocked arteries has detrimantal consequences for our health. Having blocked energy channels also affects us on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Energy blockages like everything else in the world, have a vibrational frequency. After identifying the blockage during the session, a healing vibration needs to be found to match the frequency of the blockage and shift it so that energy can run freely through the body. Free flowing energy means health.

Tracing meridians, holding pressure points, working with aura and chakras are just some of the methods used to shift energetic blockages and help you move on. You might be asked to focus on a particuar phrase, image or visualisation. Oksana might also use one of the countless energy tools, within her repertoir, such as crystals, essences, magnets, sound, colour, essential oils, homeopathic remedies and so on.

The healing process is very gentle and respectful of client’s needs and is deeply self-empowering. It helps the clients feel happier, brighter and more fulfilled on every level of their lives.

After relesing the psychological issues on the energy level, clients feel relieved and can turn the page, to move on to the next chapter in their life.

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