Healing Crisis

Are you are one of those people who has at some point decided to make a change to your life that you knew was good for you and then abandoned it once it got too hard or it didn’t work? Don’t worry, we all do it and whether we are aware of it or not most of us have experienced a healing crisis at some point in our lives. So just what is a healing crisis and how do we get through it?

What is a healing crisis?

At a very basic level, a healing crisis is your body’s way of re-balancing itself after treatment for illness or injury or when you take on a new training program or lifestyle change. The healing crisis brings on elimination through all five of the elimination organs: skin, bowel, lungs, liver and kidneys. The elimination in a healing crisis is greater than in a disease crisis because these organs are working more efficiently.

What to expect:

Many complementary therapists often rely on a healing crisis to occur as this shows that change is happening, that your body is rebalancing itself. It is difficult to predict what each individual may experience in regards to symptoms and severity. In chronic conditions you may experience a temporary worsening of symptoms. In most cases your discomfort will pass in a day or two or depending on the depth of the issue you’re working with it may take up to a week. Once this has passed you will often feel much better, lighter, and more energetic. If the symptoms do not start to clear up within a week you should consult your practitioner.

What are the symptoms:

Those experiencing a healing crisis may experience some of the following symptoms which may range in severity
Physical symptoms may include bit are not limited to:
• Sleepiness or fatigue
• Thirst
• Nausea
• Cramps
• Diarrhea
• Headaches
• Shooting Pains
• Excessive build-up of mucous
• Coughing
• Loss of strength

Emotional symptoms may include but are not limited to:
• Feelings of anger or resentment
• Frustration or anxiety
• Feelings of overwhelm
• Hyper- emotional sensitivity
• A period of questioning your treatment or your ability to continue treatment
• A period of feeling ‘different’ or that you are not yourself
• Bouts of crying for no apparent reason

How to deal with this situation:

Prepare – When you enter into the process of healing or change be aware that you may experience a period of discomfort. Preparation for you may mean surrendering something in your life to allow you the time and energy to focus on your recovery. Is it time to take a break? Can someone else pick up the slack on something at home, or at work?
Commit– Be committed to a period of healing and change for the better. Try not to allow other things to creep into your life, or to create excuses for not sticking to your treatment plan.
Listen to your body – It is usually recommended that you follow whatever direction your body is giving you. If you feel tired, rest. Take a day off work if necessary. If you feel thirsty drink plenty of fresh clean water. If you experience emotional symptoms such as excessive anger take it out on a punching bag at your local gym or alternatively write down all of the things that are coming up for you so that you can return to them at a later date and make positive changes to those situations. If your condition is physical and you are experiencing pain do not try to ‘work through it’, rest and allow your body to recover in its own time. Try not to take pharmaceutical pain relievers and other drugs if possible as often they act to block the messages your body is sending you, they allow you to keep going when your body is telling you it wants to rest.

Process – Put aside some time to process the emotions, which are coming up. What negative beliefs and judgments about your ability to recover or change are surfacing? Write them down then replace them with affirmations. Ultimately you are what you believe and your full recovery depends on you being open to change, which means being open to new beliefs about who you are and what you can accomplish.


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