What is Muscle Testing Used in Kinesiology?

Muscle testing works on the premise that at the level far below conceptual consciousness the body “knows” what is good and what is bad for it. The client usually gets muscle tested lying down on a couch with one forearm resting at right angles to the couch. The kinesiology practitioner asks your body a question, or introduces a ‘stress’ item and gently exerts a light pressure on your arm to ascertain the level of resistance that your muscle is able to give.

If the muscle relaxes and ‘gives way’ this is interpreted as a ‘NO’ response or an indication that the item being tested is causing stress to your body or mind in some way. If the muscle remains strong and rigid, this is interpreted as a ‘YES’ response or an indication that the item is not causing stress to the body.

The Indicator Muscle will test strong or weak in the presence of emotional, intellectual or physical stimuli. For example a statement “I hate you” or a toxic substance may make the muscle test weak and a smile, a positive thought or a vegetable may test strong. The client may not consciously know what knocks the BioEnergy System out of balance. By accessing body’s own inner wisdom in the form of yes/no answers we can be guided to find what causes the BioEnergy blockages are and how to go about shifting them.

What Happens During The Session?

Kinesiology is noninvasive and the client remains fully clothed. First of all, the client history, goals and concerns are discussed. The rest of the session is spent with the client mainly lying on a couch. Energy testing (otherwise known as muscle testing) is used to find energy imbalances in the body. A practitioner asks a series of tried and tested questions to ascertain what is weakening the body’s energy system by observing the responses from muscle testing.

The same method can then be used to identify what is needed to strengthen the BioEnergy System of the client in the presence of “stressors” that are causing energy blockages. Once the energy is freed up to flow smoothly, it can then implement its own self-healing.

What Are The Stressors That Are Found During Muscle Testing?

The energetic blockages or “stresses” in the BioEnergy System may be anything that can be heard, thought, touched, seen or consumed that the body does not like. On the most basic level, it could be a thought that puts the client out of balance energetically.

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To stimulate this stress, a client may be asked to think a particular phrase or focus on a situation in their lives that they are finding difficult to cope with. In the session, the stress is found so that the energy flow can be balanced in the presence of the stress. This means that the situation might stay the same but it will no longer be disturbing the BioEnergy System. Other stresses used during kinesiology session may involve magnets, essences, foods, chemical substances or homoeopathic substances and body position.

 What Energy Balance Corrections are used in HK?

In Kinesiology there are a great number of methods used to clear energy blockages. Procedures include balancing electromagnetic field, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, thought, touch, acupressure, essential oil, chakra balancing, nutritional advice, suggested life style and more. How the sessions progress depends on the feedback received from energy testing. All sessions are individualised according to the client body’s needs.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is unique and no one person comes to kinesiology for the same reason. The number of the sessions depend on why you come for kinesiology in the first place. While some energy blockages can be quick and easy to clear, other may take many more sessions. In the first session an approximate number of sessions required will be given depending you bioenergy needs.

How long does the session last?

All sessions take approximately one hour.

How often do I need to have HK sessions?

The practitioner will recommend how long you should wait before the next session. Usually this will be one week. This time may be required to allow the corrections from one session to process smoothly before starting on the following session. Some clients prefer to spread the sessions out and can come once a month, which usually does not hinder the balancing work done in previous sessions. In case of critical situations, intensive work may be suitable and can also be carried.

Will Kinesiology still work if I am on medication?

HK works alongside conventional medicine. It is recommended that you take along any medicines or supplements that you are currently taking to your first session and, in certain circumstances, you may be asked to consult with your GP whilst you are having kinesiology.

Will a HK Practitioner be able to diagnose my medical condition?

Kinesiology practitioners do not diagnose what is wrong with you. By using Kinesiology they can help to identify what you need to help you restore your body’s natural balance, so that you can have a vibrant sense of well-being.

What about the Placebo Effect in HK?

The client does not need to have to have blind faith in Kinesiology. Kinesiology has been used on people who are mentally handicapped as well as on babies and animals. These clients’ BioEnergetic System has improved despite having no conscious concept of what was happening to them.


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