Funcional Medicine Nutrition

What is a Functional Medicine Nutrition? 

Functional Medicine Nutrition is characterised by ‘the whole system’ thinking, which is gaining traction in the medical world. Your practitioner will consider every aspect of your health, diet and overall lifestyle, before giving a nutritional advice. The standard healthcare goal is to alleviate the symptoms with medication, which may not address the underlying causes of the illness. In Functional Nutrition, symptoms are viewed as clues, that are trying to tell us something. For example, a pain killer, will not address the cause of a headache but will suppress the symptoms. The cause might be, dehydration, tension, toxic overload and so on. By addressing the route of the problem, the symptoms are treated on a deeper level.

Every part of our body is interconnected. We are not just a sum of our organs. A customised holistic health-care plan put together by a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, will take every aspect of your system into consideration. Targeting your diet to your individual health concerns can make a world of a difference in your quality of life.

Biochemical Individuality. 

Everyone’s needs are unique. As the saying goes, “one man’s medicine is another man’s poison”.  There is a myriad of dietary approaches available in the health-food market.  Some people may benefit from a low-fat vegan diet, which in turn can be detrimental for others, who may need a high-fat Paleo diet.

Healthy eating is not as simple as just eating as much of “healthy stuff” as possible. Certain individuals might be intolerant of seemingly nutritious foods.  Some diets might be too restrictive due to cravings, making it difficult to stick to them. Other diets can be too challenging for people who are very unwell physically and are not ready for an intense detox. There will be people who need remineralising diets, while others need to eliminate certain food groups such as nightshades, that don’t agree with them. People might need to start their healing very slowly, whilst others might be able to jump right into the more extreme nutritional approaches, such as fasting, ketogenic diet and detoxing juice cleanses. Bringing in energy testing into the nutritional session, allow us to determine what dietary changes clients are ready to implement, what naturopathic techniques need to be used to support their body and what supplements are beneficial for them. Testing your individual needs will be met with a tailor-made nutritional program.


Become Fulfilled

Fulfilled? Yes! Absolutely! When the body is vibrating with billions of happy cells that communicate with one another and do all their jobs properly, then the whole body system gets aligned. A well-balanced person knows what his or her real deep-seated needs are. They strive to do what they can to meet these, guided by the wisdom that comes from within.

This is not just vacuous rhetoric. It have gained confidence from years of study and practice. It comes from having read stacks and stacks of books on nutrition and healthy living, professional training, applying all the knowledge to myself because “we should all be the change we want to see in the world” (Ghandi) and witnessing hundreds of my clients’ lives get transformed.

I firmly believe, that nutrition plays a hugely important role in bringing clients to a state of lasting well-being. Functional nutrition, lets you treat food as medicine, by triggering healing from the cellular level. Success comes from having a conversation with your body, with the help of a functional nutrition expert. It is a dynamic journey where lifestyle and diet variables might need to be tweaked along the way, until you find what works for you to achieve your best health yet.