Everyone’s nutritional needs are unique and individual. There are incredibly powerful nutritional approaches out there such as fasting and the ketogenic diet, however, not everyone is ready for them. Some diets might be too restrictive psychologically and can be too challenging for people who are very unwell physically and are not ready for an intense detox. Some people need remineralising diets, some people need to eliminate certain food groups such as nightshades that don’t agree with them, some people are ready for a more detoxing juice cleanses.  Bringing in energy testing into the nutritional session, allow us to determine exactly what people are ready to cut out of their diet, what naturopathic techniques need to be used to support their body and what supplements are beneficial for them.

Nutrients = Health

To put it simply, the more toxic, unwholesome “food” your body gets, the worse it feels, the more sick time off work is taken and the more miserable and disease-ridden the later part of the life will be. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? On the other hand, the more nutritious, wholesome, healing and energising “food” presents you give to yourselves the more you improve your overall well being.

Become Fulfilled

Fulfilled? Yes! Absolutely! When the body is vibrating with billions of happy cells that communicate with one another and do all their jobs properly, then the whole body system gets aligned and realises what its higher purpose is. A well-balanced person knows what his or her real deep-seated needs are. They strive to do what they can to meet these, guided by the wisdom that comes from within. This means, being happy in your job because you have chosen it, being in your relationships because they are meaningful, loving your life as it keeps on getting better and better.

This is not just vacuous rhetoric. This is my confidence that comes from experience. It comes from years of study and practice, stacks and stacks of books on nutrition and healthy living, professionals training and of cause, applying it all on myself. After all, “we should all be the change we want to see in the world” (Ghandi).

Nutritional Advice for Your Health

As a Health Kinesiology practitioner, I strive to do as good a job as I can to bring my clients to the desired state of well being in the quickest and easiest way. I firmly believe that nutrition plays a hugely important role in this. This includes introducing good eating habits, supplementation, and naturopathic cleansing techniques. I test out an individually tailored nutritional program for each client to achieve the best results.

In my health blog I will post various articles and video entries talking about my experiences and sharing the knowledge that I have accumulated on the topic of healthy living with you.