Overcoming phobias is exhilarating, especially if it allows you to experience the richness of life. After doing kinesiology work to overcome her phobia of heights,  Cécil reached new heights by climbing Eiffel Tower and going down the zip wire that is 25m high. After overcoming her phobia of swimming, she dived head first into excitement of being 12 metres under water.

“I’ve got so many cool things to tell you. Underwater swimming and zip wires 25 metres up in the air…”

“Head under water and started front crawl style practice”

“12 metres under water. I’m BUZZING”

“Thank you ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤”

“I actually enjoyed it. Thank you for helping me”

“I’m feeling soooooo good and grounded today. Just quietly happy. Thank You!💜🖤💙💚🧡❤💛”

“I feel a lot better for seeing you you know”

“Oksana magic 🌠”

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