Kinesiology Session




1-hour kinesiology session to work on the physical, emotional or spiritual issues that are of a concern to you.


Health Kinesiology™ allows us to communicate directly with the body to identify the location and nature of its imbalances. Through the method of muscle testing, you get is a series of yes/ no answers.  These allow the practitioner to determine what procedures are ideal for the client. Various energy balancing corrections such as holding pressure points may be used. They may also involve thinking a precise thought, touch, balancing electromagnetic fields, giving nutritional advice and so on. Health Kinesiology™ has been very effective in helping people with all sorts of concerns. I love the way it is so powerful and gentle at the same time. In Health Kinesiology™ we work with the client’s own inner wisdom.  The results are remarkable as you can get right to the crux of what the imbalance is in the first session. With Health Kinesiology™ you can get straight to the core by asking the body to communicate the information we need. Health Kinesiology™ is truly holistic addressing the overall well being of the person.

Health Kinesiology™ (HK) is aimed at balancing the distribution of the “vital energy” or Chi running through the energy pathways or meridians in our bodies, discovered by the Chinese practitioners thousand of years ago. This energy has similar characteristics to electromagnetic energy though it is much more than this.

The disturbances or blockages in the meridians have an effect on our well being. These blockages can be caused by anything that is stressful for the body, which can be different factors such as pollutants, junk food, arguments, negative emotions, allergens, toxins, mobile phones, harmful earth energies and so on. Health Kinesiology™ uses muscle testing to identify energy blockages and then uses various balancing techniques to retune the BioEnergy System. Health Kinesiology™ has attracted people from all walks of life as it recognises that each individual is unique and respects the body’s own inner knowledge of what it needs.


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