Raw Fermented Currant Cordial
This absolute gem is was created by pure chance. I was actually brewing something a bit stronger. At the end of the stage one of the red currant brew and before it turned alcoholic, I recovered how it was simply irresistable as a refreshing drink mixed with a bit of water. My kind adore it so I had no choice but to store it in the fridge to prevent it from turning alcoholic. I will have to wait for blackberries, plums, apples and pears to make an adult drink 🙂
  1. For this recipe, berries should not be washed so that the natural bacteria on them can start the ferment
  2. Grate tumeric and ginger on a fine grater. I like to add ginger and or tumeric to most of my ferments because of their antibacterial properties, it stops any bad bacteria from ruining your batch. They also have a plethora of benefits in their own right. If you can’t get hold of fresh tumeric and ginger, just add a a teaspoon each of the powdered alternative
  3. Mix tumeric, ginger, honey and berries in a large enough containfer
  4. Transfer into a sterilised fermenting container. Sterilise with either boiling water or a bit of vodka or both. I like to use a demijohn because there’s plenty of space for the ferment to expand as bubbles start to form. You can use kilner jars as well but will have burp it every day by opening the jar to prevent pressure from building up. You will probably need a couple of two little kilner jars to allow for the ferment to rise.
  5. Top up with water and close with the air lock. If using kilner jars, close with the rubber band to prevent the flies from getting inside.
  6. Leave in a warm place for 1 to 2 weeks. We are having a hot summer so I just left it outside in the sun. This time round I left it for 12 days.
  7. Strain the liquid by using a cheese cloth in a sieve or a nut milk bag because you can squeeze the bag with your hands to get as much of the liquid out as possible. If you’re using a sieve and a cheese cloth, press down with a spoon to squash the berries and get the juice out.
  8. It was at this stage, that I discovered that the liquid tasted like the most delightful cordial. You can bottle it up as it is and keep in the fridge.
  9. If would rather make a red currant honey wine, leave it in the demijohn to carry on fermenting at room temperature for about 4 months.
  10. This cordial was still quite sweet for my liking. I don’t have a sweet tooth and neither do my children. I had some strong, sour kambucha so added 250 ml per 500 ml of cordial ready to store in the fridge in 750 ml bottles.
  11. This is a concentrate so to make a drink, just get the cordial out of the fridge and add some water to get the strength, you like. Very refreshing with some ice on a hot summer day.
  12. The pulp that remains is most nutritious. It has the skin of the berries, tumeric, ginger and good bacteria. I keep it as well and store in a separate jar in the fridge. You can either eat it by itself or add to smoothies.
Recipe Notes