Scientific Research

As a result of my extensive research I discovered that the existence of the missing element, the unique form of energy, a life-force that animates all living creatures has long been supported by empirical evidence. Through my investigations I stumbled upon some of the most mind blowing discoveries. Some of these scientific findings I am sharing with you on this site.

What Is Spiritual?

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By spiritual I don’t mean religious. It does not involve any rites or rituals. The founder of Health Kinesiology, Jimmy Scott explains that when we become more spiritual

“we become more open-minded and tolerant of others as we become less tolerant of other’s efforts to control us – and we try to control others less. Fewer daily events upset us or stress us in any way. We blame others less and accept responsibility more. We really do become what we were designed to be! We finally learn what it is to really be conscious and to live!”

Bridging The Gap

Here in the West the schism between religion and science, between material and spiritual took place hundreds of years ago and had detrimental effect on both. The realm of the divine was manipulated and often misrepresented by religion. Mechanisation of the human body by the Newtonian science dogmatised the human body as the soulless complex machine. However, even though Western science has its shortcoming it has come to an impressive understanding of the material world. At the same time, in the East, the traditions of exploring the divine through introspection, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices has remained, with a legacy left behind by the sage men.

The spiritual is the energetic basis of all life. It is the vital life force that animates the physical framework. Increasing evidence is being found to support what the ancient schools of healing have taught. There is now evidence that proves that subtle-energy systems such as meridians, chakras and auras do exist and that they can influence the physiological behavior of cellular systems. We live in exciting times when vibrational science is bridging the gap between the conventional science and the spiritual.

What is the Science Behind the Spiritual?

Holistic Therapies such as Health Kinesiology essentially work to make people more spiritual. By addressing the whole BioEnergetic System we cleanse ourselves of toxins and emotional baggage thus bringing us closer to being spiritual beings that we are designed to be. Holistic Therapies often get dismissed as unscientific by the conventional medical professions. However, a number of very interesting studies have been carried out that validate many claims that are made by proponents of holistic healing methods. Through my research I was fascinated to find out how much of the ancient wisdom is actually backed up by modern science. On this page I will endeavor to introduce you to some of the research.

Acupuncture Points picture
Acupuncture Points picture

Acupuncture Points

Ancient Chinese Theory that chi’s energy enters the body through the acupuncture points and flows through the meridian system to the deeper organ structure is supported by a number of scientific studies.

Electrical skin resistance is twenty times lower at the acupoints than around the acupoints. This is evidence that certain types of energies (chi) flow through the acupuncture points as energy tends to flow the pathway of least resistance.


Professor Kim bong Han used a technique of microautoradiography to study meridians. He injected the radioactive substance into the acupoints and observed that it followed the path of classic acupuncture meridians that were found to be 0.5 -1.5 microns in diameter. Similar results were found by Pierre de Vernejoul (1985) who used gamma-camera imaging. Interestingly, injecting radioactive substance into random points in the skin, veins and lymphatic channels could not demonstrate similar results. This means that meridian system is unique and independent.

Meridian-Organ Connection

Meridians are linked to the organ system within the human body. It is believed that through meridians a nutritive flow is delivered to the specific organs. Kim supported this by in a study on frogs. He found that three days after severing the liver meridian, serious vascular degeneration took place in the whole liver.

Further evidence that changes of activity in acupuncture points affect physical health was shown by Dimitrescu. Using electorgraphic body scans he found that changes in physical illness followed some time after the intensity of brightness of acupuncture points changed. Furthermore, the larger and brighter the electrodermal points were the more acute the disease process was. Electrographic scans did not pick up any electrodermal points if there was no underlying organ disfunction. The electrodermal points often occurred along linear paths mirroring classical acupuncture meridians. This supports the Chinese Theory that when the flow of chi energy to the organs in the body is blocked or imbalanced then the disfunction of the organs will occur.

Also, Matoyama and others working with AMI machines (Apparatus for Measuring the Functions of the Meridians and Corresponding Internal Organs) found that meridian disfunction is a precursor of associated organ pathology. This machine is used to perform the annual screen of employers of one of the Japanese local governments as well as by medical practitioners in other countries.


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Research carried out at York University studied thousands of young students for thirteen years. What was found was in fact what the Chinese medicine has known for more than two thousand years. Those who were emotionally balanced were less likely to become ill. On the contrary those who found it difficult to remain calm in difficult situations could not express their feelings got irritable from working too hard dwelt on the past and did not allow support from others were more likely to suffer from various ailments. The more severe the negative emotions they were accustomed to experience the worse their physical health was.

Is Magnetism Understood

There are more studies out there that may convince the theorists that holistic therapies do work. Sometimes though it can be useful just to make a leap of faith. I like to use the analogy of electricity and magnetism. Technical progress would be impossible without the use of electricity and yet, science still does not understand it completely. Magnetism is also not fully understood by the science. Nobody really know why magnets adhere to things but any one can show how to use them. We use pragmatic use of magnets. We know that they work and that seems to be enough. So why should should we treat holistic therapies any different?