What to do with my green juice left overs

Does your heart skip a beat when you throw away the pulp that you get after juicing? Mine did….. until ….. Eureka! Add it to your stock (or bone broth if you’re American). Any left over goodness, will carry on releasing through the cooking process.




  1. Simply make your stock, as you would, in the slow cooker over night or for 24 hours. This stock is actually out of a pigs trotter, for extra collagen 🙂
  2. Take out the bones
  3. Add the juice pulp to the stock in the slow cooker
  4. Leave to cook for another hour or two
  5. Strain

This is kind of like a potassium bone broth mash up. Like it? Love it!

Honestly, I learned about potassium broth about 10 year ago. It is basically cooking vegetables in a pot of water for a long time, till its all mushy, straining the veg, throwing it away and drinking the liquid. Even though, I try pretty much everything under the sun that relates to healthy living, I never, ever, ever, tried a potassium broth. Why? It just seemed like such a waste of perfectly good vegetables. Now, I (and you) can add, that which is already considered to be a waste to my stock, and get the “add on value”. If you are a vegetarian, I suppose you could try adding it to water and boiling it like an ordinary potassium broth ….. but without any waste 😉

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